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High Modulus Marine Geostructures

Hosted by: JD Fields and Company, Inc./ Structural Engineering Institute

Ports and marine terminals along the Texas Gulf coast have long and intriguing histories. The Port of Houston was inaugurated in November 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson and the Port of Texas City opened in 1893. It was also the site of one of our nation’s worst maritime accidents. Along with such colorful history comes antiquated infrastructure long ago buried and forgotten. Using the Port of Texas City’s recent bulkhead project, this presentation brings to light some of the challenges faced by owners, engineers, and contractors while designing, constructing and repairing aged infrastructure within these facilities. This presentation discusses the design approach, challenges, solutions, and some of the lessons learned while designing the new sheet pile bulkhead project at the site of the Texas City Disaster of April 16, 1947.

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