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ThruFlow™ is a finished decking system designed to be beautiful, maintenance free, long lasting and easy to install. It’s ideal for walkways, docks, steps or any flooring structure.


The ThruFlow™ decking system offers a number of advantages over traditional decking.

• No Maintenance

• UV and Static Electricity Protection

• Superior Load Bearing Capability

• 360 Degree Non-Slip Surface

• Strong, Durable and Lightweight

• Available in 3, 4 and 5 foot lengths

• Barefoot Friendly

• Pre-Drilled and Countersunk for Easy       Installation

• Allows Sunlight, Water and Debris Through

• Helps Minimize Storm Surge and Wave Effects

• Stays Cool Even in the Hot Summer Sun

• ACOE Approved

• ADA Compliant The ThruFlowTM design   minimizes damage from wind and surge effects and helps protect marine life by allowing light and water to flow-thru walkways.


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Product Data Brochure
Installation Instructions
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