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Celerity Engineering provides services on the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast for the design and rehabilitation of marine facilities and waterfront infrastructure. Celerity provides a variety of services for the unique and constantly changing environment of marine facilities. Our owner is an experienced marine structural engineer who strongly understands water and wave dynamics and the forces they impose. He’s worked in the marine environment for over 25 years including six years as a U.S. Coast Guard Boatswain.
We are proud to provide the following services:
  • Berthing analysis

  • Mooring analysis and structures

  • Breasting structures

  • Breakwaters

  • Piers

  • Docks

  • Dock inspections and rehabilitation

  • Bulkhead design

  • Non-corrosive composite shapes 

If you are looking for an experienced marine engineering firm in the Houston area, look no further than Celerity Engineering. 


 For Questions or a quote email us today.


We’re ready to get to work to build a new dock or a breakwater for protection from forceful waves or to inspect existing docks for safety reasons. 


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